Most Popular Drink in America (It’s Not American)

This my be a little bit hard to swallow for hard-drinking Americans. America’s favorite cocktail is not American.


(According to a Nielsen CGA On-Premise Consumer Survey)

General Fan Favorites

23% of the U.S. population have drunk a cocktail out of home in the last 3 months
Tequila (44%) is the favorite liquor base for cocktails in the U.S., followed by: light rum (39%), flavored Vodka (39%), non-flavored Vodka (39%) and whiskey (27%)
Margarita (60%) is the most popular cocktail in the U.S., followed by: Daiquiri (44%), Piña Colada (36%), Long Island (33%) and Mojito (29%)
48% of consumers feel that cocktail menus with named liquor brands are very important or important when choosing a cocktail

Fan Favorites: by Retail Chain

Chilli’s® consumers are 7% more likely to try a margarita (67%) than the U.S. average (60%)
Buffalo Wild Wings® consumers are 7% more likely to try a Tequila Sunrise (34%) than the U.S. average (27%)
Bonefish Grill consumers are 13% more likely to try a martini (39%) than the U.S. average (26%)
TGI Fridays℠ consumers are 8% more likely to try a Mojito (41%) than the U.S. average (33%)

How much are Americans willing to pay for a cocktail when out?

$8.72 for a standard cocktail
Consumers are willing to pay 25% more for a cocktail made with premium spirits;
the average willingness to spend: $10.98

For More Check Here: Nielson CGA On-Premise Consumer Survey.


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