TripAdvisor TOP 25 Popular Vacation Rental Spots – Florida Dominates

If you’re setting out on a Summer vacation set the GPS to Sunny Florida. Florida dominates TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Popular Vacation Rental Spots. According to TripAdvisor: “Whether you prefer the beach or the mountains, the city or the country, the rentals in these top travel destinations can give you options that local hotels can’t. Want to step off your private patio and onto the beach? Done. Want to stay in Vegas, but a little off the Strip, away from the crowds? Done. How about a quiet, secluded cabin in the woods, overlooking dense green forest and grand mountain peaks? Done, done and done.”

We’ve listed the Florida cities that made the cut.

1. Panama City Beach, Florida

2. Destin, Florida

5. Orlando, Florida

6. Kissimmee, Florida

10. Davenport, Florida

12. Miami Beach, Florida

13. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

20. Miramar Beach, Florida

22. Daytona Beach, Florida

For the full list and links to beautiful vacation rentals click HERE

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